BlogWhat to look for when finding a commercial property for your business?

What to look for when finding a commercial property for your business?

Selecting a proper establishment is a significant decision for many businesses. The task might seem daunting to many when there are innumerable options available, and making the right choice is the cardinal rule for success. Any wrong decision regarding the location or lease may suffocate your business. Our experts will guide you in searching for and acquiring a perfect commercial property for sale in London and its neighbourhood.

A suitable location is critical for attracting customers just like the site of your establishment is crucial in determining productivity. You also need to take your budget into account, before deciding to rent, lease or buy a commercial property. 

Here are some key factors to look up before searching for a commercial property for your business.


You must give a lot of thought before marking a location as perfect. If you are in a retail business, it would be great to base yourself near your customers or you can base yourself near your suppliers to cut down on your transport costs. A new town might be cheaper but not conducive for your business or there may be places which offer grants and incentives ( financial or otherwise) for setting up businesses for entrepreneurs series review.

Location with easy accessibility for your clients and employees should always be on your high preference list. If you are a manufacturer or in the service sector you should find larger establishments with inexpensive rates of property with close links to motorways and main roads that are easily reachable links & a retail business should select a site where pedestrian traffic is abundant.


Check the nature of your contract, whether it is flexible or binding you in a lock period. Traditional contracts often restrict the contract within a set period, say for 5 years or more, you wouldn’t be able to move if your business does not take off in that locale. Go for rolling contracts which are not only flexible but also do not block you with lock-in periods. Check for additional expenses in the contract regarding insurance, utilities, alterations etc.

Growth factor 

Look at commercial property with a long-term vision, can you see yourself sustaining there in the forthcoming 5-10 years? It would not be wise to spend considerable time and money on furnishing and equipping a place only to move out in a couple of years because you have outgrown the premises. Always make sure there is enough space to carry out various expansions eventually, whether it’s for developing a new product or for employing more people in your enterprise.

Custom Potential 

Work out the approach that favours your budget the best- buying a commercial property that is ready to move in or customising and renovating the space as you grow and keeping your expenses low initially Apsession.


The key factor nowadays when looking for a commercial property, is the incorporation of good technology infrastructure. Check that the property has a high speed and strong internet connectivity, which is a must for any business establishment. Also, ensure the availability of other digital or technological requirements necessary for the operational part of your business.

Energy Efficient 

One of the key features while selecting a commercial Property is ensuring the energy efficiency of that place. Check the EPC rating and the wirings and insulation of the property, An energy-efficient & compliant space will not only lower your energy costs but also improve the indoor air quality of the building and develop sustainability Timechi.

Local Resources 

Ensure that there is the availability of your required facilities in the locality you choose to establish your business, banks, post offices, or parking spaces. Will you be able to source skilled workers locally? Are there restaurants, bars or entertainment spots in the neighbourhood, where employees and clients alike find can be suitably entertained?

Final Thoughts

Buying or renting commercial property involves a big financial investment, so the criterion of selecting your business premise should be well-researched and match your specifications and requirements

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