BeautyAt Last: The Secret to Fashion Designer Is Revealed

At Last: The Secret to Fashion Designer Is Revealed

With her new book, At Last: The Secret to Fashion Designer, Angela Lindvall offers an insightful look into her time working with one of the world’s most powerful women, Queen Elizabeth II. She reveals never-before-seen photographs of the monarch, as well as some charming anecdotes of their time together. However, while it contains some very useful tidbits, it’s also missing some key personal information about the queen.

Angela shares some very informative and authoritative insights into the monarch’s wardrobe, as well as her approach to curating the queen’s looks. She also provides some very memorable anecdotes about the queen, and her personal thoughts on her clothing. However, her descriptions of the royal’s political and family life are rather thin. If you want to know more about the queen, you may want to read other books about her.

As the recession hit the fashion industry in the 1990s, it was a time when many talented designers found their work curtailed. The economic pressures made it harder for established designers to maintain their autonomy. This caused a decline in the optimistic mood of the fashion industry, and it became hard for new talent to emerge.

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